How to fix missing Send file and Receive file options for bluetooth

This little detail bothered me for long time on both my home computer running Windows 7 and my work computer with Windows 8.1 – I wasn’t able to neither send and receive files over bluetooth. There was Bluetooth icon in system tray, but its menu was missing these options. What’s worse, bluetooth was missing even in the Send To menu in files‘ context menu.

Rather uncomfortable workaround is that you can run fsquirt.exe application but starting it over and over again become annoying quickly.

How to add command to Send To menu:

  • Open directory %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
  • Right click – New – Shortcut: fsquirt.exe and name it e.g. Send via bluetooth.

Today, I became sick of running fsquirt even for receiving files so I googled for a while and managed to find solution from MS itself on the MSDN.

How to revert Send file and Receive file options to Bluetooth tray menu:

  • Launch regedit.exe and go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet
  • Delete DisableFsquirt value.
  • Run fsquirt.exe -Register command or restart your computer.

Done, both Send and Receive options are back in the menu!

This directions work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

I hope this helps someone. Most forums I found tried solving it using driver reinstallation. It did solve it for some, but didn’t for others (me included).

Footnotes to inline text in Microsoft Word

If you like to convert Microsoft Word’s DOC files to your e-book reader, you might encountered problem with footnotes. Some converters remove them completely, other ones make links which are rather difficult to reach on non-touch reader.

There are some VBA scripts for Word on the Internet to move footnotes to the place where their reference is. But they’re mostly pretty dumb. They move footnote to the actual place of the reference not respecting sentences or paragraphs.

So I slightly tuned one of them up. It moves footnote to the end of the paragraph with the reference and changes it’s appearance to smaller italics. It looks pretty rad now and it’s not that much intrusive.

Sub footnotes_to_inline()
Dim afn As Footnote
    For Each afn In ActiveDocument.Footnotes

        'get text from footnote and prepare inline text
        Dim note As String
        note = "(" & afn.Reference & afn.Range & ")" & Chr(10)

        'copy reference of note to plain text
        afn.Reference.InsertAfter afn.Reference.Text

        'look for end of the paragraph and insert text of note
        Selection.Start = afn.Reference.End
        With Selection.Find
            .Text = "^p"
            .Forward = True
            .Wrap = wdFindStop
        End With
        Selection.InsertAfter note

        'change inline note to bit smaller italic font
        Dim format As Range
        Set format = ActiveDocument.Range(Selection.Start, Selection.Start + Len(note))
        format.Font.Italic = True
        format.Font.Size = format.Font.Size - 1
    Next afn

    'delete original footnotes
    For Each afn In ActiveDocument.Footnotes
    Next afn
End Sub

In Word, press Alt+F11 to start VBA and paste it there.

I’m completely noob in question of VBA, so this script may look as utter thrash for professionals. But it works! 🙂


Before and after (from czech version of T. Pratchetts’s Interesting Times)

How to replace broken glass (digitizer) on Huawei Ascend G300

Short DYI guide to help you replace broken glass on your G300.

This repair costs about $ 100 in official repair shop, unofficial is about $ 60. It’s far too much for phone that costs about $ 180 (in the Czech Republic).
So I used replacement glass with frame from eBay which costs $ 18.

There are also cheaper glasses on eBay, even ones without Huawei logo, but then you must find some gasket, glue it to the old frame… It’s simpler to replace whole frame. It will also look better. Celý příspěvek